Where is the sense in Fair Play and Politeness to your fellow Gamer?

Ok, Mobster2 Vendetta, great game but as any game there are in fact several assholes per server it seems. The worst part about it is when you ask nicely, they act like total bollocks and need to have their Gulliver’s beaten in with a 2×4. What the hell is it with people acting like assholes in a game? Does it come right back and boil down to “it’s the internet, suck it up asshole” Where does the polite game play go these days? I mean in Mafia wars, there are polite people; they even wish to join after battling it out in good sportsmanship.

And I can see it like that as well. I do not tend to however add just anybody to my mob, MB2 wise or MF wise either. I have to get to know someone before allowing them into my squad of death merchants and kill counts. A few people said I should form up my own mod name/squad. So I did, secret forum within my site’s forum. But it is for FB Mobster2 Mob members. Time for me to head downstairs and start working on repairing bathroom fixtures.