%#!@(#^ Computer & people that just don’t understand me!

DAMN IT! Fuckin A+ on a Poogostick from hell! If I could drop kick these hdds I would! I got home this morning, played some of the apps there and then went to bed. I get a slap to the forehead get dragged out of bed to the office to find MY precious self cycling to the safe mode screen.

Took all 3 drives out was able to save some minimal amount of data but the drive was a write off. I ran 3 different drives albeit they are all over 5 and some even 9 yrs old but they worked at the time. But they all say the disks are damaged. So now the family machine is a brain dead vegetable. Just like its creator me, after all that work I feel like crap. So now I have to try to find a semi ok drive and see if I can get it to work with Xp. But I will try to install Linux on “1” drives to see if I can install ubuntu 9 on it so at least the family would have something to surf on, even if they don’t understand the operating system it has on it too much.

*sigh* (Update) the drives refuse to work, I have 1 brain dead PC w/o one. The one that does work the upgrades are in the mail in transit atm. I am just waiting at this point for parts to come out and my bud to show up with the memory because we’re going from ddr1 to ddr2 3 gigs due to the fact that I am going to attempt to use My windows Ultimate 7 64-bit Edition or My Vista 64-bit once the upgrades are here and ready to be transferred into the case. As far as voicing my opinion on certain matter that people can’t seem to either understand or care why I feel the way I did/do and the real reasons of why I left and how I felt when I did.