Opening Ceremonies!

Well, save for the accident that happened earlier in the day, the opening ceremonies were quite entertaining, the use of computer effects and processes were quite well met as well. The scene with the whale migration was breathtaking. FB finally migrated my account and I’m finally able to get to get back on Mobster2, to find out the gang war is over and I was SO close to completeing the whole battery of assualts. ARGH! ASSHATS! bag of friggin bollocks!

back to the ceremonies, I thought narration from Mr. Sutherland was pretty cool. I think I even heard Morgan Freeman in there once during the ceremonies earlier on. But all in all the attention was the loss of an olympian from the georiga team, indeed a tragic loss and an event that will be remembered in history. Hey what do you know? A Totally tasteless thread on the loss of said Olympian. Nice one CB nice one, I can see the bar is still at the same lvl as it has been.