My monday

It went well for the most part. Our 2nd youngest daugther won her last game of the season with the all girls basketball for the county. A real champ, we’re super proud her too, she’s even shown an interest in the softball or even maybe volleyball for spring or the fall season. Mother in law left to go home. Kids were having fun when I left we had the olymipics on watching the speed skating. Updated my FB, got a notice that my domain renewed so I don;t have ot worry about that but I did have a code I was going to use on the renewal.

Oh course they did say if its on a autorenewal you lose out sometimes on using those savings so I’ll see if my bud is going to chip in a 10$ to help cover the cost of the site for the next 2 yrs. I was SO tempted to buy a certain domain just to wave it like meat in a room of caged tigers. It would have been so nice to have done so, but I can’t be that mean. Anyways, here at work, on my own with the floor support just me and 1 other person on the floor. wow just wow.