Its my wensday! It’s President’s Day too.

I got to sleep in till almost 10. @_@ Egad! It was 9:47 am my alarm did not go off I wanted to fix everyone pancakes and well, eggs and turkey bacon for me and my wife. Scrambled on clothes and got downstairs got laundry in the dryer and another load in and then picked up a few items around the house, played some mobsters 2 on my facebook.

Got the kids ready to head to the museum of natural history. My wife drove because she doesn’t seem to like my driving in the rain for some reason. really! IF Speed racer can do it so can I! We go there just as it opened and saw that 107.5 The Mix FM was there too, we decided to walk around take in the exhibits 1st. We went downstairs and the mix was all setup and we decided to dig for prizes and guess what?

We won some cool swag as well! The twins won a Pizza Hut Pizza and a T-shirt from the Museum; I got this cool laptop bag from the FAME movie. Not the movie of choice, but still my wife and oldest daughter didn’t want to play so their loss. Got home, changed my shirt and grabbed my jacket and go there to work and here I will be till midnight so it seems.