It’s “my” thursday, why am I still awake?

I can’t sleep, I’m depressed, work is fine, however the projects for the dev team has slowed down a bit. I realize I’m growing older, yea I understand we all get older. Doesn’t mean we have to like it though. Contemplating going back to Xp or maybe trying Vista 64x to see if it is all the crap they say it is to be. I think I shall try to sleep, at least till I have to drive my oldest to school and see the twins off to school.



  1. Lachesis · February 16, 2010

    Hello old friend,

    You’re not sleeping well again? This happens to you whenever you lose a pc or some piece of hardware. Why is that? You get SO melancholy, are you starting on that road to despondency again? I do seriously hope you’re not. I got word from the evil one that you need a hard drive replacement as well? He is sending you 2 and I will donate 2 sata 40 gigs as well to your recovery. The Knights miss you and your witty banter in the battlefield. I hope the upgrades come with godspeed and with god’s graces. Remember my friend “Cast in the name of God, Ye not guilty” there was a reason why you were choosen over amano for your position in our ranks. We will speak again soon.

    Take care friend.

    Lachesis of The 5th Order of the Solar Templar Knights.

    • madarameharunobu · February 16, 2010

      Omg I’ve been busted. Yea, but I think I’m going to have to talk with the evil one with a very large Mallet. >8{ Yea the hdds I understand are on thier way now as it is. But still, it just really irritates me to no end. I mean I’ve been nursing these two pcs since (Ponders, 5 yrs with minimal upgrades needed at best) and yet both are now starting to break down on me.

      It’s enough to drive a drunk man sober I tell you. But there are also other things going on too that I can’t really discuss here either. I know I’ve been away for some time and I will show up on t/s to game as soon as I have a game face to place upon my facade. I just need to understand why I stress when I lose a piece of hardware or such…….

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