MY FRIDAY! YAY !Who’s FAB-O-LOUS? “I” am !

It is my Friday and it was been actually pleasant for a change. I was able to pick up the fridge replacement parts and get them installed. I received word that the upgrades ship tomorrow morning, via UPS which should be here soon then. Went to the used book store and got “A beginner’s Guide to manga step by step for one of my daughters.

We also found out our oldest is allergic to the cats, Kentucky blue grass and some other allergy related substances. So I washed her sheets and tomorrow I do the floor in her room steam cleaning away! YAY! Oh and I still have that stupid router on craigslist, you’d think 10 bucks for a decent NG router would be snatched up right away? Odd, anyways back to work for me I have another 4 hrs left.