Command & Conquer goes freeware, & What to do this weekend?

Command & Conqer Original Recipe for free people, you saw right free. Seems the classic has indeed become just that and they are offering it for freeware now. Now everyone that knows me knows I usually don’t do RTS games, but I am seriously contemplating d/ling and playing now hat it is freeware. Thing is who do I know that even still plays this game?

Thinking about going to the movies tommarow night. Any suggestions, anyone….taking our 10 yrs olds to see one at the dollar theater like Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, or planet 51, or Princess and the frog one of those 3 will be the choice. I’d like to see planet 51 personally for the CG and plot. Project wise I want to push Paul’s skills to the hilt thru UT2k4 and see how he does with the two models I’d like to stick to the concepts as much and as true as possible. I will say with the work that he has done with the UDK leon its pretty good so far with the hair work and such. Let’s see how he works with these two I will hand him on Saturday.