WE TOOK THE GOLD! 1st in 20 yrs! Figure Skating gold is ours!

Looks like we did some amazing skating in yesterdays’ figure skating event 1st in 20 yrs? Have to admit, it was a sight to see! These winter games are actually cooler to watch than say the NBA or even adultswim on cartoon network. Stayed up till 1 am this morning watching what we missed yesterday, passed out and crawled upstairs to bed.

Now, I’ve sent my kids off to school finishing off dishes and laundry. Deciding to see if the 20 gig laptop drive from the old Toshiba will fit the Dell CPi, so I can get Win 2K installed on that and a tad more memory for my wife. Its slow I mean super slow. What type of person installs Xp pro on a 128 Megs of ram a 350 MHz Intel p II + a 4.5 gig hdd? Seriously? Really? Yea really, no joke someone did it as well. I have a 20 gig IBM drive I’m going to try to install windows 2000 on it instead if the transfer goes ok? If not I may have to break down and actually buy parts for it *GASP* spend money? NO!

Anyway, have to plan for the movie tonight. (Planet 51 YAY me) The kids said they wanted to say that so who am I to deny them what they want to see right? Riiiiiiiiight! Ok Piano lesson
are next and I have to go, so away I go!