My Monday and just wow.

Ok, day so far has been ok I guess? Our daugther went to her baskeball team’s end of season party, I was able to get maybe 85% of the kitchen cleaned, washed some laundry. My wife and other daugther left to do power walking this morning did the grocery shopping and came home. Our oldest just sat on the couch like a lump and played rune factory for 4 hrs. Yea, 4 hours long.

Wife gets back I take the two out for the party drop # 1 off then pizza for #2 get pizza then car wash because the car needed it and she wanted to drive thru it with dad. Got home and then attempted to boot into the laptop to install and run belarc to get the cdl code for that install of Xp. I’ll rebuild with that cdl on the new pc when the upgrades DO finally showup this week. Also trying to sell off some of my hardware to get a AMD PIC for the kids to play and homework on.

Oh and yea, Phantogrift is now on a plane to go Guantanamo Bay for a year, I’m sure the bobs are going to miss him something fierce. My condoelnces go to his wife, I know to some degree the stress that they will go thru on this period of thier lives. The payoff however will indeed be worth it when he returns I am sure. It’s jst going to be playing the waiting game for that 1 year period that’s going to be well, interesting. But I am sure she’s with friends and family and that they will be a major help and support line as well. Anyways, back to work.