Its tuesday for me and we have snow! ARGH!

That’s right, I purposely steamcleaned the inside of the saturn, and scrubbed some of the seats and removed and cleaned the mats as well with the steamcleaner. Why you ask? Because tommarow I take the uplander in for a Oil change rotation and Safety/Emission done in one shot in the morning. Oh and I apologize, Phantomgrift left today not yesterday, saw this elsewhere so had to make the update and the apology.

Thinking about getting this AMD PIC for the kids, 40$ the guy is asking for it. if I can sell the TV card and the Sound Blaster I can get it, let the kids use that for the internet and thier homework and I can rebuild the other machine at a later time. Still wating for my upgrades to arrive even though it may be another 2 days. Its the waiting that eats at you. I don;t even know if anyone is even reading this stuff. I know Phant did just so he could keep tabs on me, but with him gone that’s no longer a possiblity.

Sent paul this last night to see if he can build off this concept sheet.

I want to be able to push his abilities, hone that character modeler strength into him. He’s ok, but he can be better, I see it in his work, he just needs to apply himself more and open himself more to different techniques and styles and even test his ability with other programs like Adobe PS/Gimp/Z-brush. I want to see him advance in life.



  1. kseverny · February 21, 2010

    Encouragment is a wonderful thing.
    Sometimes a push is neccessary

    • madarameharunobu · February 21, 2010

      True, and to add to that, slipping a pair of skates underneath is always an added plus to boot. 😉

  2. j · February 21, 2010

    I wouldnt say I “keep tabs” on you.

    And I’ll have some net access while I’m gone.
    Just weird hours on when I’ll be able to use it.

    • madarameharunobu · February 21, 2010

      EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I thought you were on a plane! @_@; 0o;

      • J · February 22, 2010

        Well, yeah… For about three hours or so. Now I’m going through processing.

  3. madarameharunobu · February 22, 2010

    Processed cheese mmmmmm Cheeze Whiz. Anyways, keep a clean rack and desk polished.

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