Stargate Worlds and Corruption in CME.

My friends’ pyronious & Sm1key are huge SG fans so this news is going to hurt them hard. Stargate Worlds and CME/Firesky has had some serious money issues and was forced to file for a chapter 11.

Seems the CEO of CME was embezzling then laundering the funds/donations/investments meant for the development of Stargate Worlds and CME for awhile now. Official CME/Firesky statement here at this article

This news revealed when tps game entitled Stargate: Resistance was announced and released as a show of strategy to convince the current investors that CME/Firesky could and can make profitable games to secure investments to further the Stargate Worlds MMO project.

This is also just rumorware at the moment, with everything that’s going on at CME/Firesky seem to working on the dedicated server patch that be or maybe not be released but if they do? This will mean people who bought the game will be able to keep the fandom alive!