Well got home from work this morning from work to find out my 2nd PC is down for the count and its either going to be the mainboard or the PSU. So far it seems to be the PSU due to the fact that I can bypass the drives save for the hdd and it works then when you hit IE it crashes.

But then again this also started after dealing with some asshat names Jon Alto or otherwise known as Chili Palmer on MB2 Vendetta on Facebook of the AOD Mob started shit with me and after I retaliated he goes off on some hate spree so I blocked him. Then he starts posting and trying to start crap with me on other profiles. SO wtf am I supposed to do? But what I think is strange is the crap that started happening only started happening *AFTER* I had left the house for work yesterday.

The twink just doesn’t know when to stfu and just play the game properly or at least apologize for beating someone down for Xp. Its just proper game etiquette, just because the game can be barbaric at times does not mean you have to be a barbarian either. Most of the times it’s a show of maturity and that person will respect that and want to join up or extend a hand to have you join theirs.

Anyways, I have some upgrades here I can hopefully use to rebuild at least one machine and with the help of a buddy of mine I might be able to repair the 2nd unit too. I’ll be installing Windows 2k on a dell CPI finally tomorrow as well and getting that ready for my wife and her Girl Scout stuff. Besides being completely depressed and wanting to tear someone’s head I’ve never met off and using it for a soccer ball? Yea I’m fine…… NOT! I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK!



  1. Nameless One · February 25, 2010

    Leon, don’t let paranoia get to you. It is 90% likely that your dealings with this Alto person and the computer issues are unrelated.

    Anyway, I know what it’s like to suddenly lose a computer so good luck, I hope you get it back up soon.

    • madarameharunobu · February 25, 2010

      I don’t go by that -anymore-. so please quit using that name. Maybe so, but meh, don’t care anymore. I got my upgrades done and with some help my machines are back in action now with some more firepower under the hoods too. But then again…. meh……

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