CoD 4 MW2 and TF2

Well, with what I want downloaded at the moment? I think the machine is doing pretty good. My 1st Game of TF2 in a week or so ran like glass finally. CoD4 MW2 got my ass handed to me, but fun none the less, especially being my 1st time. UT3 was SWEET! I love it! It kicks MUCH ASS! Oh yea, Who’s your Daddy! Finally served some vengence today on a poor slob who thought he was slick because he tok advantage of my good nature and piece of crap Video card at the time.

Logged in today and clocked to 2011, and left saying be careful who you toss around, you’ll never know if they’ll come back and throw you under the bus a few times. It was just grand, I’m finally back on my game! woohoo !