I checked out Vol. 1 thru 3 on Empowered by Adam Warren, so funny I laughed my ass off for like ½ the day thru work. The laughter makes the day go by so much more fun and entertaining. I’m also back into playing TF2 on Towelie’s TF2 Server on steam. Not a bad place really, some people however do act like general assholes, then again that’s a bit consistent with any game server.

Still haven’t sold the TV Tuner card or the SB Audigy 2 ZS Card or even the Jabra Hands Free Set. I mean geez, you’d thing that stuff would be snatched up fast? Oh well, trying some urban Hip Hop style of manga art. Not really that great at any level yet, but I’m practicing.

Dreadlocks are what get me, drawing those can be hard sometimes. I used to be able to it 8 yrs ago but with time and just the lack there of still though, I should be able to post a sample of what I’m trying to achieve soon on my DA account as well. I have to get to work, been cool posting with you, ttys.