Reading Spooks by Ryan Schifrin and Adam Archer, the whole hey check it out it’s like a cross between ghost busters and hellboy. Playing prey and might be downloading Xfire to my win 7 machine too.
I also need to find an away to get the tower off the desk but still close by to install or burn DVDs. We got PowerDVD 9 Ultimate today YAY and WOO HAA for me! We also got Nero 7 which I think is still better than Nero 9 because of the faster burn and less error ratio it has.

Oh and today Beverly went out to get a webcam for her PC cool huh? I might be able to finally conference with her in person live with video feed. I also created a group on facebook for The Antarctic Press Publication Corp. HOME OF NINJA HIGH SCHOOL, GOLD DIGGER, QUAGMIRE USA, and one of my favorites Tigers of terra.

My hope is that the staff and some of the creators will join as well as more fans as well. I grew up with ninja high school the manga as a teen, myself. My oldest is starting to get into it as well and is still kind of taken back that it is older than her. I’m also quite impressed with her art progression as well. That’s at least one thing I can say I was glad she got from me. I am off to work, have to get things taken care of, and still have a few Girl Scout cookies left to deliver as well.