Day off

Spent mostly cleaning up, taking care of laundry and the daily routine. Had some odd network traffic though when I was bumped off a few times today while playing Tf2. I’ve sent the logs to a network engi buddy of mine at the it dept at my work. to see if its just a sign of a failing modem or if someone was trying to brute my modem. Although, I must say it would be pretty stupid to do so since I have no “critical” info on my machine. I just use it for 3d Development and schooling.

I did take the family minus 1 to dinner tonite, but to be honest the place was lacking in taste this time instead of past visits. Rigth now I’m reading the 4 minus 1 Volume set of “return to labyrinth”. You remember, that David Bowie/Muppets movie in the early 80’s? Seems we get to see what happens 13 yrs later after toby’s sister rescues him from the goblin king. I like that fact tokyopop is the publication that did the release. I think Chris lie’s rendition of The goblin king is quite well done, almost looks like David as well. but currently I have 1,2,3 but 4 is missing so I have ot hunt that one down in the library system.

Pretty tired heading to bed ttyl