Weekend work

I got all but 3 GS Cookie boxes sold today. Money exchanged, and deposited into the envelope. We made a pretty good run this yr with regards to sales. Just glad it’s over personally. I am still waiting on the sale of that audio card. It’s all that’s keeping me from getting my 1.5 gigs of ram installed on my machine at home. Once that’s done things should scream.

Right now, I’m working and getting ready to go home for the night. I’m going to attempt to start clearing out and removing crud from the family room and start the de-clutter process. When next week when I and my wife are on vacation? We can redesign and paint the family room and redo the laundry room.

Game wise, I’ve been lacking and I apologize to my team. Real life took a hold for a bit and I have been attempting to get things back on track and to get the team back on track. I would like to say for that, I take responsibility for it and will do what I can get things back on track. I have ot get back to work and then end my shift !