Gamer Otaku news for you!

Gamer Otakus Rejoiceit’s seems that the world is ready for the gamer otaku out there and is willing to try to play matchmaker, game side as well as compatibilty side. I got to say Gamecrush might have a winner with this enterprising interactive site. Myself, I’m married and quite happily I might add. But for those out there that are single and are well, *cough cough* gamers in the extreme without the desire nor the want to making the “Club Scene”?

This would be a prefect way to maybe find romance and shared interests. Although its limited on the gamplay selection at the moment, it does cater to the higher end popular games. Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Halo III are the selections for the X-box league. Not sure how things will do with the PC side of things as I saw no reference to PC Gamers. It was mostly aimed at the platform gamers. Well, I’m pretty sure some of you out there are gonna benfit from it so here is The address and you can make your own decisions. I know some of you could USE a little time with someone of the oppisite sex.