My Current WIP with the house

It’s been 2 days off and back to work and I have to say I’m glad to be here at the moment. I spent my days off hauling out a dual recliner couch with a recliner. I took down several family pictures and started to pack things from the shelving unit into boxes.

Afterwards, I washed the walls and vacuumed ½ of the room while also taking measurements for the laundry room as well as soon as I was done.
We’re thinking maybe a green base for the walls and an eggshell white for the window boxes after I get done cleaning them out and sanding and masking them off to be redone, which they really do need to be redone.

I’m thinking with the laundry room the modular wire shelving with the mountable rack plates should work well. 1 ¼ Ft x 6 Ft is what I have measured down and will be using those to work from on a staggered configuration taking advantage of the room it has. I also have to get rid of more of parts of myself, meaning certain items are being donated to the Desert industries.

I don’t WANT to! Wait I must, I have to, if I don’t how can I be more normal? I’m torn and I feel frustrated because part of me says “get rid of it!” and the other is like NO WAY! I horded it I built it, I found and restored it THEY ARE MINE!

I just don’t want to get rid of TONS but at the same time I have to let go of some of it. My battletech paperback: Gone, some of my hardback books also: Gone.

Action figures, some of my models I’ve had for years also gone. The VHS anime collection I have? In process of being taken to DVD from vhs. and those will be donated to an anime club within the salt lake county region.

I have to get back to work now, so if someone “is” actually reading this? I hope you haven’t had to feel this pain of loss yet. 