Been a busy week on vacation, I can tell you that much. I have been working on the family room. I’ve been doing the taking the shelving apart, putting it back up. Remove and haul the old nasty laundry room shelf out and mount up nice new ones after getting them trimmed so the dryer exhaust piping will fit as well. We fixed the overspill issue on the washer and got a dump tray under it to keep any future spillage contained to that area. It now has a nice blue to it as well.

In lighter news, I’ve started doodling again and will be uploading the ones I like up to my DA. OH and I have to mention that F.O.Z gave me a llama Badge at da over the weekend YAY! Here is her link An Artist type I know at DA. hire her for art commissions! Got to give pimpage where it’s due. Our kids are on Spring Break and enjoying themselves while being able to take a break from the stress of the classroom it seems. I might even take them to go play some tennis at the park nearby to burn off the excess energy they have.

Still haven’t got the cd/dvd drives sold yet, but there is hope. I found the GF 4200 Asus AGP I lost a few months back. I’m placing that on craigslist as well. I even came across the Adotron 4 port hub I used to use when our old quake 3 team was still around doing LAN parties. It works great, even has a bnc connector on it, yea a bnc can you believe that one? Oh and I decided to place the other Hauppauge TV card / FM Tuner on craigslist too. Why? Because I know it will sell and it’s something less to clutter the upstairs office with.

Waiting on Chris to show us the work he’s doing on revamping the hornet. He says he’s got a texturing style to show us to give the hornet that weathered and used look a vehicle like that should have. Paul’s working on the pilot model and texturing it, says it should be done within the middle of next week hopefully. Paulo says he needs content for the Hughes map, so I am having Joseph work with him to help get content created and textured so it can be ported into the map’s park/recreational areas of the plaza.

I just woke up a bit ago myself and need food now. So this is where I will start out my week for this portion of the April blog.