I fear for our youth, this Gen “Z” (I was born in the mid 60’s so I’m classified as Gen “X”) we’ve brought into this world of ours. We had the Berlin wall come down, the end to the cold war, USSR and USA actually talking and resolving most of the differences we had. We saw advancements in technology as well, the birth of the cd, home PCs and Macs.
What does our offspring have? A Corpse pile from 9/11 a number of dead stars we gen X grew up with. There is HIV, Bird Flu, natural disasters, and terrorism that runs more abundant that fleas at a Dog Show.

Supposedly the world as we know will change in 2012. Yea yea, the movie, big whoop, I knew about this way back in the mid 80’s with the Mayan calendar and the Chinese calendar as well. If it does, it does.

My hope is they were wrong or maybe there was if mankind doesn’t do something the end of times will befall the earth. I know I’m not an innocent, and I should watch how I step in life in case everything as far as religion and such are concerned.

I consider myself lucky. I’ve seen space travel leaps in technology as far as bettering ourselves as a race/species. Seeing ourselves finally open our eyes to how we’ve shit on our world and are now at least trying to repair the damage we’ve done to our home.
Honestly, I do think that we’ve had the technology the entire time, but our world governments didn’t want to introduce them to the open public due to the way it would hit and hamper our economy and ways of life.
My hope is that this whole 2012 is a mistake the Mayans made and that I will be able to see my possible grandkids and see some of the better things this world can offer us as a people.

Yea, call me crazy but I still have some hope that at some point people will stop acting like asshats to each other and see the bigger picture within the picture, but I might be asking too much. Who knows some people used to call me batman, now they just call me crazy? Anyways, less than an hour here at work and then home to play TF2 for a bit and then bed to hopefully see the next day’s sunrise.