Last week/This past weekend

Been a long week, so far on the family room we got the crown molding up with the help from my wife’s uncle. Took us about 4.5 hrs but we did get it done. I have been able to get the backyard cut finally after a 3 hr fight with the lawn itself. Neighbor helped with the garden since h had a decent tiller whereas ours pretty much sucks dirt. I finally was able to find our long lost web comic artist after 3yrs of being MIA, so this means that there may indeed a 3rd installment of Peter Glock ace detective and all around comic/hero in The Web Comic known as “Chief Tiger”.

Got the garden area fertilized, and had the kids rake and spread it out. We did get a number of vegetables and herbs this year as well. Also made sure our house was secured fence doors mended and latches replaced/repaired. The reason being is my neighbor let me borrow his lawn mower to cut the backyard, I made sure the things in his shed were placed properly so as not to knock anything over. I cut the yard 2.5 hrs and returned the mower to where it was.

Well, this morning it seems someone broke into the shed and stole his father’s power washer. That means there are NOW criminal elements in our neighborhood that DO not belong there.
A Few of us have concealment permits and do pack when we’re out an about. But do we have to feel forced into having to take back our neighborhood from some snot nosed crack addict that busts into sheds at night just to get some quick fix? Seriously, some dillhole tries that while I am at home? Not only will they leave my house as a cripple, they might even die from lead poisoning.

I and my neighbors do not stand for thievery in our neighborhoods let alone our city. But the house is secured alarm system taken care of as well. So when I get home I’ll be watch the neighborhood a bit before bed. I might watch some more of this NEW Perfume Single! SQUEE!! >o<; SQUEE!!!