The week’s end.

Let’s see what did I do this week? Got the lawn mower in the shop, helped get the family just that little bit more squared away. Moved the TV back to the family room and help setup the cables as they were before. Took the twins to their Girl Scout Earth day Event and planted a cute Quaker Aspen up in the Draper today as well. They both were awarded with the other Girl scouts and they earned a Green Earth patch for it as well.

Adam came by and dropped up the other 1.5 gigs of ram for my machine so NOW “Officially” I have 4 gigs total on my machine. The most ram I’ve had on a machine ever. I was also able to get rid of the old lawn mower as well, the one with the busted wheel. Someone knew how to fix it and wanted to do it so I let him. I am Installing Photoshop 7 on the main machine so that I can start using the tablet again. I placed Photoshop 3 on the Xp unit so our oldest can get familiar with it. She’s already got pretty smart with gimp, so best to take it up a notch and get her involved with Photoshop 3 proper like.

I’ve also asked my vehicles modeler just what the heck is going on and why there hasn’t been any progress from him as of late? Any responses I’ve sent have got little or no response out him and I am at the tail end of the fuse. I mean our player modeler is hard at work on getting the models done so they can be rigged and tested. The maps themselves, I’m not sure what’s going on with them to be honest. Our Mapper and well my 2nd in charge has been laxed as of late and I really need to find some way to motivate him more. Well anyways in other news this week which has been rather interesting to say the least.

I recently reconnected with an old and very cool friend of mine who was at my wedding, whose wife helped out with the preparations of my wife’s nails for the wedding. Now 15.5 Yrs later, things have changed, he’s a bit distant, closed off, not sure why? It’s not like I didn’t try to look for him after we got married, when we got back to Utah I had to get back to work and get things ready for creating a home environment, being a father and husband.

I still at times wonder am I doing things right? I think we all get that way sometimes, but you have to step back and look from the outside in and see if and where you’re messing up at and correct yourself or look at what happened and go why and what could have been better and make sure you correct yourself next time. On the net however there are just trolls and you have to figure out how to avoid them and to steer around them or divert them elsewhere than near you. Maybe I just want to say the world is still a very confusing place and also quite vicious as well. Good thing that I have a few people I can call friends to help step up to the plate to help me out.

It’s almost time to leave, so I’m just going to post this up and let you all ponder what I’ve said…..