Really odd post that just end somewhere else………

The weekend is over and back to the work week for everyone else but today is my Wednesday. This morning started off ok, ran some quick errands for the family and such, came home and grabbed a mid morning brunch get some laundry started and linen changed. Installed prey finally and got the updates for it. I will be installing MoH Airborne and Pacific Assault as well after I get home for work tonight, but also decided to start carpool with one of my co workers. Which is a big help for him since getting from trax to the office is a bit hectic at that time of day with the traffic in that area.

I found out today that one of those few site I used to freq as a forumite is also added to the places that were. Battleforums is gone to that database in the sky. I only found out by attempting a drive by lurking and ended up at godaddy instead. I almost called and asked them to add it to my account for giggles for a year, but thought better of it as to let those that actually called it home? This would give them a chance to renew their domain. I mean just because a majority of the populace there were basically rude to me and that someone I thought I could trust stabbed me in the back twisted and busted the blade off btw the spinal column doesn’t mean I have to be dick and lower myself to that level. I’ll wish well for them and hope their community comes back online for them.

If not, then it will be the end of an era for those that called it home. As it stands I only talk with maybe only 7 from there as it is now days as well for various reasons. I guess it was rather silly it wish them ill will but with the way I was treated I don’t think I can agree with some of those that would say “ deserve all the trolling we could mustered upon you.” I don’t think anyone should really be trolled for malicious purposes or intent. There will always be trolling but I think personally people need to know where the limit is or at least have the common sense to realize, “Oh shit maybe I should stop now?”

That’s where a lot of problems become bigger problems and end up with some very “bad” end results. I’ve a small amount of trolling myself but only in defense and only when truly deserved and where there was no other recourse than to strike back fangs bared no matter how stupid it may be. Honestly tolerance is what needs to stressed is what I guess I am getting at because there just isn’t enough of it in the world as it is. If there was would the world be as fucked up as it now if we were a bit more tolerant with ourselves and well with other?