Weekly Musing.

Ok it’s the end of the week, Friday anyway. After tomorrow I will finally be back on my regular work week schedule. Didn’t think it would happen and I’d have to be forced into trying some other way to assist with helping the kids with homework and such?

Oh, and today sadly also marks the 1 yr that two people I know of got divorced officially. Not sure all 3 parties involved are dealing with it today either. All I know is that the one that kept in contact with me was the one that I thought didn’t at the time that it would have been the one that kept quite most of the time. I will say nonetheless, I hope things are going well as they can be emotionally for them. In other situations I feel at times like I’m in the middle of comical sitcom, where the users are the cast and posts and in game chats are the plot outline ploys.

There also seems to be a trust issue –yet- again with talking to certain people. Yea, same problem again and I guess I might just have to stop talking with them all together if that’s what it’s going to take for it to stop? I’m pretty much an easy going person to deal with; honestly I do try to keep most of any real problems on the down low and under ctrl as far as temper goes. Selling on the Philips we got awhile back, it works great, works with most universal remotes I’ve dealt with.
There seems to be a co worker that needs one more than I want to store it. 😉 So I can use the $ towards the art books I want for my collection and to maybe help me find search out my own style of character building.

Great thing about is I might also have some freebie cash from one the survey companies I do surveys with from time to time. Oh and Goodie Gumdrops! I’m almost done collecting the four iron man figures from BK for the iron man II movie which will look pretty snazzy at work on my desk. I’m surprised no one has tried to start modeling the other armors from the movie for UT3 yet.

I have 2.5 hrs left till home, think I will read a bit before home then of course to Towelie’s Smoke shack The Best and yet semi rowdiest TF2 Server this side of The Wasatch Fault line.

Enjoy this video please