Ok, some game progress.

Paul has finalized the pilot model and it looks good even a bit better than the 2004 edition. Also Revamped the old school firebee prototype and dubbed it “The Yellow Jacket” oooooh foreboding type of music in background. Anyways, here a pic of the pilot and a post up on the yellow jacket. I think I did a semi ok some of the pic [rofiling of each part of the layout on it.

Yellow-Jacket Combat Chopper

The Yellow Jacket


I think my oldest’s cat hazel is lost. She hasn’t retruned in 48 hrs and its raining now too. Maybe I’m thinking the worst has happened, I hope not for my daugther’s sake. I also have to call a friend up and see if I can find out where to take the Van to to het the ABS sensor looked at and see if its going to be 200$ or just a few bucks to fix. Tired, think I will goto bed in afew minutes anyway.