FUNimation up for Purchase & Psyonix open for Programmer’s Intership/Position

The Navarre Corporation parent company of Funimation has formally announced placing FUNimation, its anime subsidiary, up for purchase retaining one Houlihan Lokey to assist in the transaction. The company said that the strategies required to grow FUNimation’s business were to have people that are more familuar with that side of the buisness and industry.

The Navarre Corp. didn’t say that part of the company wasn’t making enough cash for the parting of ways, saying “FUNimation’s recent financial report was what was to be expected.” Not sure how to read that one folks, I don’t have anything really against the company since they did bring us FMA, Beck, and other titles as well to the U.S. Market.

I do wish however that there would be some more expansion on the voice acting crew. The current team as always been great, but realistclly, new blood does have to come in at some point. Anyways, my hope is that whoever does buy the company, doesn’t screw it up by firing everyone, that would really be a stupid move and douchetastic if they did.

My only gripe with them was thier Dragonball Z franshise, seriously, my kids have started watch the “retooled” series. I just saw it the 1st time last night and I was like “Wait, …this is just the same series redigitized and new music for the opening” wth? Oo anyone else feel this way?

Psyonix seems to be looking for several paid, on-site, programmer internship candidates in the San Diego area of Calif. If anyone lives nearby, have UDK experience, and provide examples of your work/code, Email address for applying and thier site good luck everyone!