Game update and other unrelated subjects

Hi, how goes? Just got off work, heading home as I set this to post after I left work. But me and bruce and allen have been discussing things bouncing ideas off each other and going thru story scenrios and checking gear. I also found after cleaning thru old game cds/dvd spools some backs ups with some concepts yet again and some of the unfinished weapons darren and I had been discussing on using. Now that I’ve found them we can bring them into UDK itself now. Bruce noticed some “major” errors with some the UV topopology and showed us how much better the UV can be.

So looks like he’s going to be in 7th Heaven for the next few weeks re working the UV layouts and the WIP and Lost weapons pack. He wants to repair and finish up one or two models that were either left unfinished or never got finished because the hardware was lost. To be honest, I’m seriously one lucky guy to make friends with such a talented bloke, and not only that but to find out that one of my mapping modelers has been friends with him since childhood. ^^; Anyways, I’m about to head to Gamestop with the Starcraft II Release party just after work instead so I can maybe get a chance to win a copy of SC II SQUEE!