Weekend posting

Well I’m toasted, seriously! Was at Cherry Hill up in Ogden, fun and forgot to put sunblock on my face and shoulders. So a bit burnt, but still kickin! Its hot out here in utah as well, its like 97 right now and this mornig at Cherry hill aprox 2:00 am 88 degrees “88” at night. I just checked my email and got one awesome report from sonicist and the mystery player. Here is the latest WIP he’s currently working on.



I think overall its coming out quite nicely. I can’t wait to see the armor gear for him next, it’s going to be sweet! We also saw The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as well, and have to say that was not mickey mouse and the brooms were just a bit more better looking. I do like the fact that science was mixed in with this and a play on how tesla’s theories were also applied within the plot was well welcomed.

Despicable me was also a great movie as well, so much as I want to see it again personally, I even got my own lil minion buddy as well, to take out my light work when dealing with mobtards on FB Mobsters 2 Vendetta.


Got to have minions to help with the work right? This is my little guy. He’ll chew you up spit you out like a hairball and flush you with breaking a sweat off his goggles. So don;t mess with him I’m warning you.