UDK Progress update

Hey everyone how we doing today? Good, Good, We been busy, quite busy in fact on getting the city ported over to UDK. Which we have actually done, this morning at 1:43 AM MDT we officially were able to view the City in a decent sky dome & here was the humorous part. We found the 2 firebees & Spinner Metro Patrol car; Bruce opened up Maya and was able to export them out of the mesh building itself as to keep the building from messing up on future port over. The tough job will be cleaning up the meshes and re-optimizing them and in some cases totally rebuilding them from scratch and those might be the ones we will have the floor levels and actual lobbies and working elevator lifts and stairwells.


Update on progress report

Now I will tell you the big surprise, Jade Phoenix Studio’s Own Sonicist and myself are proud to announce to the UT2004 Community and the BGC 2033 OVA Fan base that we are ½ way thru the development and release of The Judicial Japanese A.D. Police Duo of Leon McNichol and Daley Wong Voomer Cybercrime Division Detectives to compliment the Knight Saber UT2004 Model Pack. Bruce and I will be doing the dialog since I really doubt Brad Moranz & Marshall Carroll would want to do the voice acting pro bono. Lulz. Although, it would have been cool to have that as an option though, so remember to stay tuned here for updates and progress pictures like this one here!

Revised Hornet

The Hornet Rebuilt with a Pilot posed on the cockpit