Stardate: Day: Monday Time: 64126.9 Month: February Year:2387

The end of the weekend and the beginning of the week. Got home after work cleaned up the office upstairs for a bit, waited till bruce was done with the session he had today at the studio. At 2:14 am I gave up went to bed to get some sleep, but did get the floor and desk cleaned off. Woke up at about 7:30 am dressed woke the kids up, headed to store to run some errands. Got home played some TF2 and did some laundry, left the kitchen alone to see if the kids would help out w/o me asking for them to do so.

Wasted effort there, but did take the kids shopping with me, store had free red hots and buns for the kids this afternoon and come to find out the store will have ice cream once my wife gets home. Give them some fun time as well. I’m currently at work fixing issues dealing with outages, but got a few sales got some cool swag from HBO like a Canteen from “The Pacific” series, a “Weeds” Paddle Ball Set from Showtime and a Spiffy beige Collared Shirt with the company logo on it. 10 bucks worth of Starbuck Gift cards.

15 minutes till I leave for home, and clean the office a bit more and get the floor ready for a good a shampoo and steaming. Hopefully we’ll have a demo clip of the current buildings and vehicle or two in game just to see how they look in game. Wrapping up and heading home in 12 minutes.