44th Birthday and what I did this weekend

A Year older indeed, I turned 44 yesterday, and for my 3 day birthday weekend the family and I took off down to Utah Lake. Which was quite fun, had campfire smores, drove out to camp Floyd to check out the old army installation and check on some of the history Utah has to offer. We discovered a Pony Express marker, which was the 82nd marker for the pony express route back in the late 1800’s.

Route 82

Pony Express - Camp Flyod

We even were able to visit the Camp Floyd commissary which remarkably had very little trouble being restored; even the flooring is original to the facility as well. I’m showing here an overview of the installation back then, there is even a 3d render of the camp as well they you so when you walk out to the cemetery you can picture what it might have been like back then. It was indeed quite an adventure, minus the mosquito’s bites me and girls got on Friday night after a day at seven peaks Water Park. Yesterday enjoyed dinner at salsa leedo’s and we watched vampires suck the twilight spoof, opinion? Spend the 1$ when it gets to redbox and even then personally I feel like I’d been robbed. Parents got me a very chic watch for work and such, a nice watch not some swatch from walmart, but a very chic watch maker. Will edit and update once I am at home.

Overlay of utah Military outpost from the late 1800's

Camp Floyd