The weekend of weirdness

News said it was going to snow over the weekend and it did save for yesterday, which actually did turn out to be a nice day. Snow melted away, I was able to get back to the backyard and clean up the tree branch clippings and remove a branch off the dead tree, yes it is now 1 full year from a hopeful turn around and it ended up a failboat to the arctic. I’m posting on the free services group for anyone who wants free firewood to swing by with a ladder truck and chainsaw.

Got the licence plates for the explorer mounted and just have to return the old plates to my mother in law. Drives ok for “93” explorer, not too bad at all, I got the clock adjusted and checked the fluids, the air filter was replaced last week. Still trying to find a lcd monitor for that server of mine sitting in the corner waiting for a restore of the O/S. It will be soon I hope, or at least use the new install to port over the website. Other than that, its time for the yearly weeding of the garden bed and the turning of the soil. I also want to get back to the sprinkler system and repair that was well, -_-; cripes thats a pain I don;t like dealing with but needs to done at some point.
Anyways, back to the daily cleaning. TTYL