Tuesday and my daily routine

Ok, so today was uneventful. Went online checked on the local newspaper applied for jobs pertinent to my skill set and per hour amount. Went out for a drive to get the water filters and to get some legal documents I needed, I also got to pick up my oldest from school at the library. Scored a shojo beat manga as well for twenty five cents and in mint condition, not bad.

Other than that, just drove home, installed said water filters. I checked on my DA site, and my FB and not much there either. Attempting to find Adam so I can see if we can get together for a meet and eat and fix this &^2$ server and get the site back up and running.
Sent Bruce the email software for the team and the site and just waiting on the install and if he needs any help on setting it up or not?

Although even though it may be a bit outdated? I think this Linux Administration A Beginner’s guide 2nd Edition is a good a read and the fact that it comes with a install CD of Red Hat 7 to help get you started is also a plus because then you get the on hands training and experience on updating the install and placing in a GUI like Gnome, or KDE. Will keep you posted on this as I go along, that’s it for now, told you it was a boring day.



  1. madarameharunobu · April 12, 2011

    Does anyone even read my blog anymore besides the one person I know who is reading this blog besides myself?

  2. j · April 13, 2011

    I still read it.
    Granted, if I were you, I would have asked that question in an actual post. It might get a little bit more traffic.

    How many times do I need to tell you I have no problems with you and still consider a friend?
    Sure, my wife is overly sensitive right now, but I think she’s got a pretty good reason to be.

    • madarameharunobu · April 13, 2011

      Whatever dude, makes no difference to me either way anymore.

      • j · April 14, 2011

        Apparently it does make a difference to you.
        If your attempt to act like it’s nothing to you was genuine, then it leads me to ask why removed every possible link to you from me on Facebook.

        Apparently something does bother you or you wouldnt have altered your profile.

  3. madarameharunobu · April 14, 2011

    Didn’t alter anything, just removed you from my friends list. My profile is set to “friends” only. Meaning only friends on my list Shanna doesn’t seem to have that problem. Your profile is set the same way as mine as save for the fact your profile shows up. Mine says unavlib I think, which is cool by me.

    • j · April 14, 2011

      See, removing me from your friends list is a form of altering your profile.

      And who is “Shanna” you’re referring to?
      Because one: I know a couple of people named Shanna.
      Because two: What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

      • madarameharunobu · April 14, 2011

        You don’t even know who Shanna is and she’s on your FB ? cripes man. “I” even know she’s friends with and your wife and you didn’t even know who she was… Cripes x2. Honestly I think you come here just to try to provoke me or something. Well she can see my profile, not sure what setting I set to prevent people in general from viewing my profile?

        But I like it and it stays! Shanna Womack man….*sighs* really? for reals? out right seriousness? The inets are serious business for some I guess. Removing you as well as the others was just lightening my load of FB don’t feel bad I removed about… 18 others as well that just… well didn’t count anymore.

  4. j · April 15, 2011

    Um, I didn’t say I didn’t know Shanna.
    I asked WHICH Shanna as I know four people named Shanna.
    And of course she can still see your account, you didn’t remove her from your friends list.

    Don’t feel bad because I apparently “don’t count anymore”.

    Yeah, sure, that’s a excellent reason for removing someone from your friends list.

    Though it could be worse I suppose.
    I apparently got some crazy person to fully delete their Facebook account.

  5. madarameharunobu · April 15, 2011

    Really? I wonder which bob it was this time? Doesn’t matter. stay, go, whatever… All this is doing is providing troll-o-tainment for the CB’ers that are coming here to see this exchange of banter. Consider it done, OK CB go away now…the 30 somewhat oddities that have nothing better to do….

    • J · April 16, 2011

      It’s not a Bob at all.
      None of this had anything to do with ClanBOB or Battle Forum, or whatever.

      It had to do with a crazy person who insulted my wife and family. And no, this isn’t or shouldnt be providing entertainment for anyone.

      To my knowledge, I wasn’t aware that anyone from ClanBOB outside of myself even knew you maintained this blog.

      Unless I’ve just entirely missed something and you’re getting daily spam left and right.

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