Closing of the week

Got the front yard flowerbeds in with the new mulch my neighbor had extra of. I’ve got that soaked through and through and I hope the planets in front of the living room window recover faster from the winter freeze this time better than last year.

I have an interview at the DWF office here by our house on Monday. It looks like I might get that job I interviewed for 2 months ago and didn’t get a callback on through this program one the officers at the DWF wanted to get me involved in. I’ll know later and let you know how it goes.

Dinner was a Lumberjack flapjack night, complete with eggs and turkey bacon. I made a few waffles and my oldest decided she just wanted the eggs and made herself some rice, then upstairs to the PC like she normally does, I swear, sometimes I wonder if she has lcd vision replacements in her head rather than eyes?

Anyways, got back into playing borderlands, which is rather fun I have 3 achievements so far in the 3 hours I’ve played I think? Went to FB and updated the skype info so my team can get in touch with me same with family and friends that have skype, since I’m not on msn as much as I used to be.

Also, I want to get this off my chest again since it seems to be happening again, which is just plain annoying and really chafes my hide. Seems that the only real day I got traffic on this place was Tuesday, when someone I dropped from my FB for reasons we don’t need to go into anymore since it most is the same crap and I just got done with it and removed them while I was cleaning my FB out of people that just do not keep in regular contact with me on a day to day or smeg lets even say a week to week basis, shall we?

They ask why, I told them why, and yet they follow me here. I’m not even going to bother screening it because if I did? All they’d do is stalk me on my DA then. I’m done with the issue, they know how I feel, I know how their wife feels and I know how about 98% of their “online” buddies feel about me as well.

I can say w/o a doubt the feelings are mutual, it’s why I left, and the two times I did attempt to get access back to the site at their suggestion, was met with not a no, or sorry we can’t it was nothing, no reply no nadda. So I don’t care about that much anymore, the butthurt left long ago it’s been about 3 maybe 4 years now and I haven’t been by there in a few months so I’d just assume not have any CB’s around my blog since you all don’t seem to want me around I think it would be justified to have the same courtesy, thank you very much, and with that I’ll close the week out on that note.