It’s the 9th of June

Here we are again. I’m working taking lunch and posting to my blog. Let’s see where we are at? Well, I’m suffering from a bad back. Team has issues as well, Alex just wasn’t cutting it at a mapper, so had to let him go. We need someone who is a bit more on top of things. Robert left the team because he wasn’t getting the work he needs is my assumption. My wish is for him to stay and at least help us out with the voomer model builds. It’s needed, and it’s something of a priority.

I can’t force him to stay; he’s got into a really great class for game development from what I understand so I am happy for him on that. I just wished he’d had stuck by what he told me when we first started on this which was “I’ll stick it out to the end and help out where I can Steve.” But as I said I can’t make him stay he has to want to stay and stick it out.

I do have some good news maybe, Max Schultz (yes madmax from animecrisiscenter) and I have been discussing things with regards to The UDK Project. He’s agreeing to assist me in the mapping aspects of the project. He’s been advancing his knowledge base with regards to UDK and Maya to the point that he has a bit of experience in each field. Not and expert level mind you but at decent enough level that he can get around on it. He made mention that the map I am porposing is a bit on a larger scale than needed. So we’re going to get together on this and discuss how big the map can get away with and start building finally.

Oh and I just editted this entry because someone had a massive cow about part of the entry. So it editted.



  1. Blitzkierg · June 20, 2011

    Only place I could post a comment. I think you’re stupid for letting anyone like that put you down. This “J” person is obviously paranoid, if he thinks you’re skulking him. You even pointed out how “googled” you saying its for shits and giggles because he’s bored? I know you told me how you did it on whim, but this looks more like some attempt to troll you. Have you just blocked the guy and leave the comments open? You can always edit the comments out if you like it’s your WP afterall. My opinion for what its worth is leave the guy alone and maybe he’ll move on or maybe he already has? Either way, drop it and move on. Good luck on your projects they look rather interesting.

    • madarameharunobu · June 20, 2011

      I think you mean stalking, and yes I agree it may just be some lame duck attempt to troll. The comments left were from some naval DNS in the north pacific according to what WP recorded as the DNS for the poster. Policing the WP isn’t the problem, and I dropped a bit ago. He basically jumped up and down at some minor mentioning I made on him and his spouse which in return had him throw some tizzy and ran off to bitch about it to his friends.

      Then he comes backs brings some dude he knows I have nothing but disdain for, and attempts to hold a conversation of said issue then goes into some attempt to troll. I had no choice, I policed it and shut off the commentary on it. So whereas I made some mention of someone and they have some cow over it to the point I edited it out and and left it at that. he doesn’t want to do the same? That’s his issue they both say “i” have to have the last word or I don’t win, at what level of maturity is that at? Anyways, I may have been careless in that posting but that was corrected and moved on and so is this. Moving on now people………..

  2. Timmy · June 30, 2011

    Oh did stevie get his feelings hurt? Aww, well I know this will just get deleted anyways, because I’m a trollobot here to trick you with my myspace camgirlz, I’ll get your password yet! yes indeed! beware !

    • madarameharunobu · June 30, 2011

      Really, are you still trying to pose as RIP? *Shaking my head in shame for knowing you* Oh wait (Checking the DNS) this is someone in the states. It might be RIP actually! Or dex, you guys are the the truly pathetic ones if you’re here to troll. Because as its your right to keep me off your forum? It’s my right to police and approve or disapprove a comment as I see fit. Don’t like it? Don’t come and find solaris’s blog go pester him, all you are in my opinion is a blight of childish adults that can’t drop something and move on.

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