Friday !

It’s Friday, and near the end of the work week and day. I’m heading to home and then to park to play “BBQ MAN!” feared Super hero of Burnt meat offerings to the Just and Incinerator of Evil Doers! It’s just the Girl Scout BBQ we have each year at the park. Afterwards, I’m back here at 8 pm to help man the phones while our IT Dept moves the servers and such to the other side of the building.

So yours truly will be here doing what he can for his employer! Woot, also seems that I may have in fact got some of my old co-workers employed again here with me! Great oogly moogly, I have a busy weekend planed as well it seems. New team members for the UDK project and a Greet and Meet on Skype which should be quite fun for all. I am excited for this and can’t wait to meet up with some of the new team members. Their demo reels were quite excellent and the show the level of their skill sets quite nicely I might add as well.

I also have some very cool bids on eBay at the moment I’m waiting on winning a 3 lic. Win 7 Home Pack…less than a day left. I can really use this on the pcs at home. Anyways, time to get ready to pack up soon and get my chef’s gear loaded and armed soon. TTYS


Ok, I was reading this and I honestly she just popped in my noggin, I wa like HEY that looks like amanda and then her sister comes in and its like mini amanda Oo; seriously I think it funny as hell but OOO some people might find it creepy oooo wtf-ever It’s funny plain and simple.



  1. Timmy · June 11, 2011

    You know his art style radically changes as he improves to where the current characters look nothing like the originals.

    Also, when was the last time you checked clanbob?

    • madarameharunobu · June 11, 2011

      Yes, I decided to start from the beginning and up to 291 so far, and it’s quite an enjoyable read suprisingly enough and I can already see how his art style improves on a progressive level. As far a CB is concerned, earlier yesterday when Jason decided to have some massive cow on how I’m supposedly stalking him and his wife. He has this notion as some of you all do that I haunt your site still. Haven’t really been interested till he decided to post up and act the ass, and let me tell you he really lets it show thru Rip. how about you ?

  2. Timmy · June 11, 2011

    I don’t know if I would say he “acted the ass”. You have to admit it’s a little weird that you keep writing about some guy you claim to no longer associate with.
    If that happened to me, I think I’d be a little upset or find it strange as well.

    • madarameharunobu · June 11, 2011

      I only made a small mention in passing about his trip overseas. It wasn’t a dissertation on his current life goings on. I think if anything he is indeed a bit paranoid on quite a bit of things. But that’s just an opninionated observation. I do think it is however amusing that a number of you still think I go by on a weekly or daily basis to see what I can lurk. Pretty silly as well since I have my my own mechintions in the gaming field as well job related subjects to deal with rather than some forumites that didn’t want me around their communal private property. But you have to admit it was even odd for me to have him hanging around me on my blog, let alone my facebook, I just got tired of the squibble squable and decided to take care of it on my end for the most part. If I made mention of him and he didn’t like fine “removed” and done moving on. Funny though how he brought it up at CB and a number of the community piped up about it though huh? I think its silly and I’ve moved on, if he didn’t/doesn’t that’s his issue and should seek therapy about that. Are we done?

  3. Timmy · June 12, 2011

    Yes indeed, anyone can see that you’ve moved on when despite thinking that it was “silly”, you still had to go look at Clanbob to see that people were talking about you.

    And I will admit, it’s also silly that you think I’m really named “Timmy” or that anyone else aside from “Phantomgrift” ever actually read your blog.

    But no, it’s okay, he’s the one that needs “therapy”. I mean, it’s not like you tried to keep people who didn’t know him updated about him… despite having declared that you wanted nothing to do with him.

    Yep, all so silly that a 43 year old man sits and blogs quips about people he doesnt know online to the “people” he believes actually read his daily blog.
    Just silly, silly, silliness everywhere.

    • madarameharunobu · June 12, 2011

      No you see right there is where you ruined the whole conversation by attempting to troll it. I guess trolls just cannot be taught to improve with age nor trusted to that end as well.

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