X-men First Class

Wow, what a mind flip for those that read a semi good majority of the X-men timeline(s). I mean seriously, even in wolverine’s timeline him and raven meet up in a mexican prison around 1920 to 23? So how old is she persay? The whole covulated timestream just makes any fan-person dizzy these days. It was however a good movie, the appearnce of Michael Ironside was a bit of a surpise but the role was not. That and I think this might be the 2nd time Kevin Bacon has played the role of a villain in a movie.

Oh and now today is the 12th and That Woman that ran into my car and ruined mt saturn has lost -any- twinkle of a chance of appealing the rule on the lawsuit I pulled on her ass. SO YAY for that. I won the laptop battery for my wife’s laptop replacement and it cost me 13.00! Nice score on that one. Next one will be a servo pack for my persona; Wall-E Hack project. 12cm unit will have 6 servos and a new brain with a emprom board and sounds. It’s going to be a fun little project. I still have to find a decent enough price for the windows 7 family 3 pack….Well off to bed it is for now, I have a lawn to conquer in the morning before it rains again this week.