End of the freakin weekend TGFT

Sunday, and I was able to get the things I needed done “done”. Mainly the backyard and the roof repair. The flashing on the venting pipe on the roof needed to be replaced as well as having a wasp’s hive removed today. So I go to home depot find the flashing plate need and some cold tar and the flashing doesn’t come up in the inventory so they give it to me, SCORE! get home scramble out the garage with the ladder to get it taken care of before the big rain and remembered I have to find someway to seal the outer area of the piping.

I used the McGyver approach and used a lid from an ice cream bucket we used for paint and trimmed it to the size needed, used the wet roofing cement on the underside and sealing and placed duct tape as reinforcement. I patched the nail holes before mounting and then hammered the flashing down placed in the roof tiles and BAM, done. With a little time to spare I even ran down to red box and got green hornet for the family tonite. Also, started a Robotics project, I’m going to attempt to replicate the Wall-E project . Already bought the unit off ebay for 6.00 and now getting the servos and then just have to save up for the ez-robot module unit. This dude is brilliant, and props up to his works on the robotics end of things.

Popcorn movie and maybe sleep pending my mood.