Wensday entry

Hello and welcome to my Wednesday. As some of you know I’m attempting a robotics project, (provided I can get the right casing and get enough scratch to afford the ez-b module for programming) based off the designs and machinations of this gentleman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdV3zfvbF5Q&feature=player_embedded and his Wall-E project or his Omnibot project. So far so good on the Omnibot, found 2 to bid on. I’m waiting on the wall-e I bid on and won, just awaiting delivery at this point. I also got the servos needed and a replacement servo for my daughter’s robotic cat.

Laptop battery replacement for the wife finally arrived, will get that taken care of and will do an overnight charging test tonight after work. Attempting to repair a circuit board for my PC case since the faceplate itself doesn’t light up as it did before but when bypassed with a 6v. Battery they work fine, so have to do some testing there day.

Have to get ready for the trip down to southern Utah this weekend. Gear is assembled, tested and sound. Kids want a cabin this time, so we are going to afford the extra to rent a cabin this time. We don’t have to be too concerned with flooding in the area where will be at, the rivers are just slightly above the normal level but not so high that they’ve been marked as dangerous or a flood risk.
Had a small shower overnight and this time no leak, so the patch/flashing replacement seems to have done its job nicely.

Discussing the possibility of how to hack a furby I found at one the thrift shops I used to pass by a few years back and came across while cleaning the garage. A fellow hobbyist suggested hacking the EPROM and creating my own samples for it. Which should be fun it will allow me to apply some of the knowledge I received from the online tutorials I’ve been watching.