It’s friday and its 12:35 AM

Holy Dingle berries, I finally won a bid on one the omnibots I’ve been looking for. One of the bids I made a few weeks back finally ended and no one but I won it. Now mind you this one doesn’t have the remote, the power adapter and all that cool jazz. But it is the omnibot I have been looking for I have some of the servos already, and now I need to work some OT to not only pay for the twin’s braces, but for a EZ-Robot module and a pair of ultrasonic sensors.

I might just get a replacement power adapter for the gold I-Cybie I have and place it on eBay to help pay for the parts. I also just found out that the Akira toy motorcycle kaneda has in the anime movie is worth about 50/60 w/o the decal sheet but everything else. I might even place that up as well. Some of you laugh, go ahead laugh. But I’ll be the one laughing when the project is built and I have myself a very cool and chic security bot for my house, complete with wifi remote surveillance on video and audio thru bluetooth.