My Wednesday *Tilting of head* and an Aching back

Status on robotics project “Omniuino”: Nothing as of yet as the unit has not been delivered as of yet. I am hoping it should be by the end of the week though. It’s going to cost me 120.00 $ USD to get the EZ-B Module kit and start building and programming with the help of some of the more seasoned robotists out there lending a hand. I must have done something while I worked and cleaned up the front yard last night because my lower back is killing me 9 1200 mg Ibu’s is not even phasing the pain, so I’ve been very careful on how I walk and move.

Wife wanted me to cut the grass out front as soon as I got home last night, which for me was like 6:30 since I’m covering for my superior while he’s on vacation for the week. So I’m working like 10 hour days this week THANK GOD for OT! I was however out there till about 9:30 last night before I just gave up on the weeds and decided to relax on some PC time and ended up asleep in my chair till 2 am this morning.

It seems like we’ll be selling the Saturn to the repair shop since they could use the Saturn parts. We might get 650 to 700 for it, which may go to the purchase of a different car that won’t be placed out of business anytime soon. I’ve also been studying up on the auto maintenance of the ford, since it has a tiny leak on the undercarriage. Oil gauge was going nuts the past 2 weeks because it was down a quart. SO I’ve bought 5 quarts and a filter 32.00 on sale at AutoZone and saved about 35.00 in the process. That will keep the dang thing running better for a small while.

I scored some cool pc electronics again. Found a micro innovations ic825c and a 1.3 MP Webcam as well. I also found a 5 port HDMI switch and a few cords and plugs for it and a 8 Port KVM switch too as well as 4 512 mgs 266 Sticks of memory. Not so sure what to do with them but I think I know where I might be able to make a profitable return on it. Finally got Bruce’s birthday/Christmas present off to him as well with the words “Prints, art, do not bend, do not damage” on the back of it. I was going to insure it but didn’t have the money enough for that. So I hope he is very careful on opening it. I’ll say this much one of those prints, costs about 125 to 130$ on eBay and I sent him the entire set. I think it should be to him by Friday/Saturday.

Anyways, I’m back to work after my break and to the front desk since I am working as receptionist this afternoon.



  1. Timmy · June 30, 2011

    Did someone have an issue with their website today stevie? Maybe you should leave well enough alone and go play with your lil robots and toys and leave programming and stuff to real adults. Have to admit though, you still provide hours of entertainment without even knowing you’re doing it. Have fun stevie, lol.

    • madarameharunobu · June 30, 2011

      Say what ya want man, then move the fuck on. You tell everyone over there “Oh he’s lurking he’s lurking and stalking me, praise me as I troll here and he can’t post because he can’t anymore lol-o-cats! Who told me to register at cb? Who said the accounts were all up and running and anyone could come back? Oh wait that was you. Who didn’t know you went to Japan already till it was mentioned at one point of fb? Oh yea that was me, so riddle me this “J” if I made you such a target that I want to know all your moves and everygoings I mean even when you wipe your ass or blow your nose OH WOW and Oh My ! Why is that you had a cow when I made a small, yes, small not even 4 sentences on how you were already in Japan, and I was just finding out? You did and you went into this huge monologue post about it. You tell me to grow up? Well I was the one that had made a yet another “hate/troll” thread either guy. Oh and FTR I’m 44 with “3” kids get your facts straight if you’re gonna be trolling me. Telling me to grow up (LOL) yea ok guy, the dude that googles me while he was pulling Night Offier Duty, pot on the phone with kettle….No answer? yea thought as much….

  2. J · July 8, 2011

    Um, I’ve been on deployment for the last month or so.
    I don’t know who “Timmy” is, but it sure as hell isn’t me, so your random angry rant against me is kinda stupid seeing how I didn’t make that last post.

    You do, of course, realize that with the way your comment section works, ANYONE can leave a comment as “Timmy” or “George” or whatever the fuck.

    It is kinda sad to see that you’re so paranoid you think every single post against you is from “me”.

    • madarameharunobu · July 9, 2011

      Doesn’t really matter though does it…

      • J · July 10, 2011

        Apparently it matters to you.
        And it does “matter” in the sense that it’s an issue if anytime someone posts, you reply to them with some bizarre level of hatred apparently reserved for me.

        So it must “matter” at some level if you feel bothered enough to reply like that.

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