Updates and a New Movie from Studio Ghibli

Hey all, yea I’m on staycation at the house while my wife and the girls are off on their Girl Scout water adventure! Great thing about it is I’m spending it with My BBF Gary Howe who I spend a good portion of my early to mid teens with back home and high school. We’re checking out some of the local sights like the Olympic oval, maybe Kennecott and few other places. Would do more but the car rental place he rented is car from raped his bank account 300$ for a deposit, which is a “Southern California only policy” according to the rental company.

Which cut his vacations funds at the kneecaps with no pot to piss in? SO, we’re doing the poor man’s vacation instead. Watched “Bad teacher” yesterday afternoon after he got here and the girls took off for the trip till Sunday. Gives me some time to get some much needed small house repairs done.

Got the Omnibot Wednesday “YAY” for that! So a few more servos to get and then the EZ-B programmable module to replace the Omnibot’s rudimentary CPU functions and a mini wifi cam and Arudino ultra sonic sensors and I’ll finish the unit off, but before that I’ll keep you up to date on the process goes.

Now I got something even cooler than my Omnibot hack project!
Studio Ghibli’s latest Movie based on the 1980 two-volume manga written by Tetsurō Sayama and drawn by Chizuru Takahashi,”From Up on Poppy Hill” is a bit off the beaten path of the usual features from the company known for blending the fantastical with the emotional. The adaptation which is a father/son collaboration between Hayao Miyazaki, who did the screenplay and his son, Gorō, who did the directing.

The Movie explores some of the common themes found in the studio’s work, hitting home on children being forced to develop their minds to match that of a adult since their parental units are not their to help guide them on them on their road to maturity. In this instance, it’s Umi Komatsuzaki, a high school student in 1963 who has to fend for herself out of necessity after her sailor father goes missing in Yokohama. Her mother a known photographer also ends up MIA, she has to take up the mantle of keeping the family’s boarding house up to date while dealing with her emotional feelings for two local boys.

With “From up on Poppy Hill” is be released in Japan on July 16th; currently, no word on the U.S. release, but come on! It’s Disney; we’ll more or less see this late fall mid-winter, if Disney plays the cards properly. I’m personally looking for it thanksgiving or near Christmas.



  1. J · July 8, 2011

    Yeah, we saw previews for this here at the local theater.
    We’ll be able to see it long before anyone in the states does.

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