My Reunion with my BBF from HS and the Omnibot update

Ok, it’s Sunday, and Gary has to drive back to Santee by 9 am tomorrow morning before work. It’s been a great time even though enterprise did ruin his budget due to forcing a deposit of 300$ from him. But we still had fun! We saw bad teacher, and Thor, had pizza. Did repairs on the house, destroyed a loveseat with a claw hammer and Ginzu knife. We even reconnected with a few friends we didn’t think we’d see again in our lives, and even got to show them how to video chat thru Skype no less.

You never truly miss someone till you’ve reconnected and realize, “Nothing ever really changed between us” we’re still the two high school kids they thought would not amount to anything when we were kids back then save for the fact that we have made differences in our lives and we do amount to something to a lot of various people in our lives.

Even though we may be far apart again, we’re closer again thanks to this visit and it made me a bit happier than I have been in a number of months. The Girls will be back here between 10 and 11 am, I’m thinking we’ll all go to the Mayan adventure restaurant so he can get pictures of some of the Divers at this place, the show is great, the atmosphere is awesome to behold, the salsa is a kicking bowl of volcanic pleasure! Oh and their menu is not bad either.

On a side note, the Omnibot did show up on Wednesday and now I have to save up about 150.00 Total to get the rest of the supplies for the project. I’ll get the dremel kit sometime between now and next pay period. I already the software downloaded and twain drivers they have built are pretty cool. I can even do test runs with the in-motion webcam I got last week with the software.

I also got my Google + invite SWEET! Yeeeeaaaayyyaaaa! Got it all sorted and mostly setup already, and I like it. It’s a pretty cool yet simple layout. I might even keep it afterwards if allowed. I like these beta runs, and being able to give some needed feedback where you find it. Anyways, I still have a ton of laundry to still fold and put away before the girls show up later this morning. So, talk to ya all later.




  1. J · July 10, 2011

    I’ll give you this much:
    If you haven’t already done so, try to do some price comparison between Hardware Stores and Online for the best price on a Dremel tool.
    I bought mine a number of years back from a Lowes when it was on sale. Ended up getting a package deal with a massive number of accessories for under 100 dollars.

    Trying to buy one straight up from a Hobby Store or similar is usually going to cost you more than the Dremel is worth.

    I am curious though…. Why the obssessive attraction to the character of Madarame? He’s a lonely, over-obbsessed man-child ultra-nerd who spends all his money on erotic comics, has minimal social skills and is, quite frankly, the most annoying character on the show.
    Why would you aspire to emulate him?

    • madarameharunobu · July 10, 2011

      Really? Well the Dremel I’m getting is usually 30.00 its just a simple dremel, I don’t need something fancy with more gadgets than a swiss army knife. Just one that will help me with the deburring, smoothing edges and helping me do cut aways and retrofitting areas that need to be created for the servo housing.

      Save for the marriage, most of you all thing of me as a “lonely, over-obbsessed man-child ultra-nerd who spends all his money on Manga and Video Games, with minimal social skills”. Why change all that awesomeness just to be accepted…..?

      You must god bored to death to come here and talk to me, because last I knew you marked and pegged me at CB and for the most part you’ll end up trolling me at some point, so why stick around? Everyone I’m sure wants to know that.

      • J · July 10, 2011

        I wasn’t asking why you associated with the character because of what others think. I asked why YOU associate with the character.

        And I’m not “trolling” you.
        Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I have no over-reaching issues with you. I do dislike it when you try to incorporate minor things from others lives into your daily journal when they may not exactly need to be placed or the person in question doesnt exactly want that info to be placed.

        When you act sensible, it’s fine.
        When you act like you’ve got this “The whole worlds against me” complex, then it gets annoying.

  2. madarameharunobu · July 10, 2011

    Why do I associate myself with harunobu-kun? Because I relate on the same level as he is, save for the erotic manga and ecchi video games. He was the one the most picked on, singled out, and ridiculed type of otaku in that series. He was also one the few characters I DO see myself in or at least a majority of it. He fell in love with Saki and it was never returned, and he suffered for it, he never had the self esteem to pull himself up by his boot straps and just confess and either be smacked to the other side of the university, or have his feelings returned in kind. He was looked down by most and I’d even go to say as being talked down upon behind his back.

    The only ones that really understood him were Genshiken the Study of Modern Culture group. He even became club president for a small period, he was understood there, and they accepted him for who he was, not false fronts, no trolling (Save for Saki), no asshattery or idiocy afoot as well. So when you ask why I associate myself with Harunobu-san? Why don’t you go back and take a long deeper look into the cave, maybe you’ll have some more light available to you now? If not….*Shrugs*

    • J · July 10, 2011

      Long look into what cave?
      Yes, I ask you because I like to hold conversations with people. Not be answered with vauge attempts at introspective claptrap that usually backfire because the other person doesn’t have enough info to understand the reference.

      • madarameharunobu · July 11, 2011

        Because all you see is the online side of my personality. Which is what alot of people will see.

  3. J · July 11, 2011

    I think you missed my point.
    I asked why you associated so strongly with him.

    Your answer?
    “Everyone else sees me that way.”

    I asked for a more personal reason.
    You did so, but then followed it up with this vauge nonsense about lights in a cave.

    I questioned that because, again, I like to hold conversations with people.

    Your response was: “You only see the internet side of me!”

    Can you understand my general confusion here?

    • Lestat · July 11, 2011

      I’m sorry to interject here on your conversation you two but what I think “M” here is saying is you can say you enjoy their company, you can talking with them is fun or playing video games and sharing mutual interests, but at the end of the browser and the closing of the PC. Can you say honestly that you can know someone without meeting them off and on through out your life? I know I can’t, and I hold a certain amount nowadays at bay with people I know only from the net.

      Those I consider friends, are people I grew up with, not people I met online. Those I meet online are cool to one degree or another but bottom line is I’m not going to tell them my life story or a deepest secret, that’s what friends are for. I think “M” is right to a certain level. That’s how I see it. Carry on, and remember if you’re not having fun, don’t bother continuing the path that it’s leading to.

      • madarameharunobu · July 11, 2011

        Well, yes at some level you’re right. I really have hard time trusting people as of late, it’s true and I try to sway the conversation to reflect more upon them than myself. Like with Gary, he’s been my best bud since High School, stuck with me thru and thru till I left San Deigo and he left for Washington. Nothing ever changed for us, because we didn’t change as much as friends during the time we have been apart from each others lives. I can say I place a certain level of trust with a certain type and set of people and in turn they also accept the responsibility of that level and trust, but they have proven their worth as well as trust too. There is just a lot of give and take and there has been too much of take as of late as I see it. Those that know me off the grid as well as on know what I am talking about and can relate at that level as well. That and I’m just fucking sick and tired of explaining myself all the time as well. People either get me or they don’t plain and simple truth.

  4. J · July 12, 2011

    Thank you Mr. Emo Exposistion…

    All I really honestly wanted to ask was why you had such an attachment to your current screen-name icon.

    • madarameharunobu · July 15, 2011

      And as expected well played, the typical reaction I expect out of you.

      • Lestat · July 15, 2011

        The thing that escapes me is why are you replying to this guy? If all he’s doing is replying to get some type of reaction out of you why post in response to him? My vote is to just not bother anymore. You have the right to reply and respond to whoever you like but if it causes you distress at any level, don’t reply back. It’s as simple and plain as that. With that said can we move on ?

  5. J OR AM I TIMMY! NOOOO! · July 17, 2011

    Seriously Steve, you tried to go leave one last retort on my Livejournal?

    I haven’t touched that thing more than twice in the last two years.
    You’re lucky I even saw it at all.
    If it helps, neither my wife or I have ever mentioned you in anything at all, I highly doubt that aspects going to change anytime soon.
    Even if it did- Big deal. My wife or I could write missives on you that were ten pages long and there’s not a lot you could do about it. But wait, that’s right, I wouldn’t be telling people about where you lived or what you’re doing in real life. If anything, I’d simply be writing “Steve McIWannaBeAnAnimeCharacter: The Life And Times Of A Forty-Plus Year Old Man-Child”

    Or at least that’s what went through my mind before I realized: “Whoops, silly me… This is just Steve and his inability to ever let someone else have the final word.”

    Nooooooooooooooo! You have failed to get the last word in and end things on your terms! Whatever will you do now!!!
    (Aside from, you know, petty things like deleting posts in the only place you can.)

    And banning from the JP boards? Well damn. Thats low- Cause I obviously have been busy enough not to really be on that board or much online in general to begin with. Last I knew, your board was down, so no skin off my nose.

    When will you realize that I don’t actively follow you in anything you do?
    At this point I occasionally show up, post in curiosity and then wonder why a guy in his mid-forties will explode into nerd-rage online at someone he’s never even met and who rarely interacts with him.

    • Lestat · July 17, 2011

      If it was no skin off your nose why post at all? Why come here and wish to hold a conversation that would at some point maybe lead into a troll hole. Some of us heard what you did trolling him on a board he can’t even log into to defend himself.

      Why not just go and leave him be, he obviously isn’t replying back. So, find some other place to go trolling for laughs on your night watch or whatever it is they have you do when you’re in the service.

  6. J · July 17, 2011

    Mr. Lestat….
    I doubt if anything you heard was 100% factual.
    I never had an issue with Steve at all.
    The one time I post something that he misread, he blew it up and, as he is wont to do, “cut me off”.
    As in I received no explanation, no reasoning, no nothing, simply a bombastic, self-rightous signoff of “blah, blah, blah, I’m done, finito!”

    It took me months of hounding him to even get him to reply as to what the hell I’d done in the first place. He decided it was within his good graces to place me on speaking terms again…. Up until his dander got ruffled and I was removed from all his contacts whatsoever.

    Over the years I have come to realize that when Steve is online, he is reactionary and heavy-handed.
    No amount of talking to him will meet any response other than the fact that everyone else is wrong and he was never at fault.

    Hell, as it stands, you will most likely never even see my reply because he will remove it instead of daring to let something defame his good net name.

  7. Lestat · July 17, 2011

    No, I’ve known him since after high school and before he left for the Bible belt buckle. He’s always been overly dramatic with things, its part of who he is, no one’s been able to change him when I knew him. Although after re-connecting I can see a definite change at being more tolerant to people and not picking fights, verbal or out right duking it out in the parking lot. Not pretty, seen it, he didn’t hold up too much back then.

    As far as your post being removed I have no idea. I know if he sees anything as far as trolling? Yea he’d remove it hands down, no disagreement there. But I can see his point, mentioning someone’s name on the net, a perspective employer could always do a deep enough search and root his name out. If they ran across that thread? I don’t think it would have been smiled upon as far as getting hired.

    I think that’s what has really set him off, as far as talking to you is concerned, but that’s speculation and since he’s not wanting to reply back we’ll really never know either way is my guess.

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