Monday….and my weekend aftermath

Hey, saw Harry Potter &tdh Prt II. We saw it over the weekend as a family in 3d OoooOOo. It was “ok” I found it lacking in some parts especially at the end which made me mildly miffed at the epilog, no spoilers just found it a bit disappointing in certain areas. Overall good movie however, definitely recommend the Harry potter fans out there to go see this, it will be worth the money to see.

I’m going to search for those furbies I saved a number of years back and see if I can trade up for a few servos or a Ultra Sonic Sensor circuit. That way I don’t have to spend unnecessary money and I can stay ahead of schedule on this project of mine. Also going to purchase that dremel I wanted from Harbor Freight, turns out it’s already a discounted item and is 7.99 from 40.00.

Going to place the Kaneda bike and figure on eBay this week, it’s doing nothing here and I’m pretty sure I could get some decent amount for it on eBay. The bike is original

Box is also near mint as well. According to this fetches 79.00 with everything included. This box I have is minus 2 things the decal sheet and the one character sheet. The instruction sheet is in the box as well. I think asking 60.00 plus shipping is a fair price. Well here’s hoping at this point.



  1. Lestat · July 18, 2011

    I remember that! You got that at that one store by the sports arena, the one a few blocks down by NTC. You scored that day dude. You traded out 5 Micronauts, 2 ewok figures and semi busted tie fighter for that bike, and 3 gundam models. That was a trip, very cool you still have that. Even better when you have it sold. What you have planned for it?

  2. Dustin Kopplin · July 19, 2011

    May I ask what gundam models you traded to get that?

    • Lestat · July 19, 2011

      No, you’re reading it wrong He got the bike AND the gundam models in trade for the star wars and micronauts stuff he had.He got a Zaku and GPO-1 and I was wrong he got a scopedog from Votoms. I’m sorry, that was my mistake.

      • Dustin Kopplin · July 20, 2011

        Ah ok, its not THAT bad of a mistake.

  3. Lestat · July 20, 2011

    From what I hear he just aquired some of the old yamato models.
    StarBlazers Box Art (fixed)

    Hope the tag is right? But he should be that one last night on skype. I know he’s looking for a GP-02 for cheap, but then gain come on. it’s a GP-02 those are going to be slightly harder to find at a decent price.

    • madarameharunobu · July 20, 2011

      Yea, it is pretty cool. I got them as a pack for 5.00 for 12 of them. definite score for me. Not sure if I’ll keep em or place em on eBay yet?

  4. Lestat · July 29, 2011

    Hey, have you put the bike on eBay yet? I want see how much it goes for! Hit me up on steam tonite, we can play TF2 now that’s free. Oh also how was the movie last night? Thinking about taking the GF and roommates to the drive in next week to see it.

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