July 24th Holiday Weekend:Terrorism, Fireworks and Comicon

Ok, so last night fireworks! Set them off last for a full hour of fun for the neighborhood. Afterwards and I can’t believe this but 11:30 pm the kids want to go out back and do smores. I didn’t want to go, to be honest I was tired and a bit of grouch, I think what I needed was a good 8 hrs of decent solid sleep. This obviously helped because I do feel better after waking up at 9 am this morning.

Well with the terrorist attack in Norway was a shock. My heart goes out those that lost loved ones in those senseless acts of terrorism. With this being marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I’m wondering if something is going to happen or not. It’s makes you wonder, I still get angry just thinking about it, and all the lives that were lost and makes me a bit paranoid that they might try something again to mark the event themselves to hammer in that final nail to coin a phrase.

Enough of that for now, still don’t have the old server sold yet. I’m hoping soon though, I’d like to be able to get the (EZ-Builder) kit soon and start actually fitting and re-assembling the Omnibot and getting it ready to program and leaving some room till I can acquire a wifi mini cam off eBay. My I-dog was a total loss, it’s servo motor finally died and there was no way to resurrect it so I’ve just salvaged some the parts from it to go towards the omnibot project. The speaker and mic, for voice recon and communication with the family when I’m not at the house and for fun.

In the game scene TF2 when freeware a few weeks ago and looks like I might have some new team mates to go help me stomp some Nikes into the ground. Can’t wait till Rusty Hearts comes out to the public for open play 4th Quarter, the game clips look excellent and the gameplay doesn’t seem to look that bad either. Then again looks are not all what they seem to be. Time will tell if this will be another cool MMO like Guild Wars or just another knock off that will go freeware for a few months and then failure and fade to dust.

This is the 16th Comicon I’ve missed and well, I swear I will be at the 45th one if the world doesn’t end this year or next. (LOL). Taking my overtime pay and squirreling that way towards just that event and then IF I am still kicking and walking this green earth, I will also hit the 50th Comicon. Lot of cool stuff being said there, like that there is going to be a Dr. Horrible II and other cool if not cheesy Media being released. I really wanted to get my hands on the Fanboys VS Zombies at The SDCC Graphic novel; it looks like campy cheese reading and over goodness.

My friends Robert and Sean and Ali all went and I have to say I am envious of them for being local enough to be able to drive or even just take the trolley down to the convention center. I hope they at least were able to acquire and score the deals they wanted today as known by most fans and con goers the best deals are at the last day of the con. I know, because I still have my dominion tank police VHS set from 93 and Captain Tylor VHS OVA set from 94 both cost me like 15.00 for the sets.

Well that’s it from me for now take care and remember If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy! Keep you stick on the ice and I’ll post up a bit later



  1. J · July 24, 2011

    “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”

    And the attack in Norway wasn’t a act of “Terrorism”. It’s looking more and more to be the work of a single crazy person, placing it more into the realm of spree killers.

  2. Lestat · July 24, 2011

    The attack at the prime minister’s office was completely needless. I got this off an article. “Breivik published a 1,500-page manifesto on the Internet just before the first attack. In it, he rants against what he calls the Islamisation of Europe through Muslim immigration. He also vows to take revenge against European liberal elites whom he accuses of betraying their Christian heritage by promoting multiculturalism.”

    So why couldn’t have just left it at that? He slaughtered and killed people not just people, children! I hope for hope he fries, either that or they strip him of his clothing and leave him arctic ice range and let the polar bears have their way with him. There were other ways to deal with that than going on a killing spree just to get people to open their eyes to whatever political garbage the guy was trying make a point of.

    Subject change, yea a Friend of mine is at the SDCC and told me Joss Wheldon confirmed the Dr. Horrible II statement and even got a photo op! with Mr. Wheldon. Lucky guy, he’s also supposed to get me my limited edition Queen’s Blade DVD dual disc set, sorry to hear you missed it again too. I might go next year, if the work lets me have the vacation time. Let me know what you’re looking for and send me the $ I’ll get what ya ask for if its there.

    Hope you’re doing ok, Have a great week M!

  3. Dustin Kopplin · July 24, 2011

    You talking about New Dominion or the original Dominion VHS tape. I got the New Dominion VHS vol 1 like a few months ago from this local comic book guy.

  4. Ali Tavakoly · July 24, 2011

    Love you bro!

  5. Lestat · July 24, 2011

    M’s talking about the old school Tank Police Dominion. The one were Annipuma Unipuma were still with Bakku’s Gang. I remember wacthing at the anime club we used to go to once a month.

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