Borders & Fred Perry *RAGE*!!

I hate Borders, and I’m glad they’re closing, good riddance to the trash! Freaking idiots couldn’t get a order right NOR could they come forward with some way to resolve the issue of why my order got cancelled twice and not notify me in a timely manner. All I wanted to burn my border bucks on a Art Book by Fred Perry and Borders said sure no problem 2 months later… WTF IS MY GOB DANM BOOK YOU SONS OF BEATCHES! Called up and they said “yet again” There is some issue with your billing and shipping address sir. BULLSHIT! Its fine and its correct and had her read it off to me per batum and I ask “So are both addresses correct? “Yes Sir” WTH is the probelm then?

Eh Splain Lucy! I’m waitin! 2 Hours later I finally get a Supervisor who says well if you called on Saturday Sir.. I DID CALL SATURDAY YOUR STINKING OFFICES WERE CLOSED AT 11:00 PM Eastern Time I called you at 7 PM Mountain time so I had at the very least an Hour but I called and your system said you were closed, are you going to complete the order and bypass my shipping cost for all the bullshit and hassle I’ve got from your company over the past “2” monthes? All she could say was “no” so Fuck you, cancel my order take your border bucks shove them up your ass because thats all they’re good for after July 31st oh and did I forget to say go fuck yourselves and hope the unemployment is line straight to hell for you? No? Well there you go then Bright eyes. Have Great Day and I want a refund on the 2 hrs of life I just wasted with your Sorry Ass Bullshit Company that can’t do dick for their clients. * Click * RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!



  1. Dustin Kopplin · August 1, 2011

    Yea, time one thing companies can never refund to customers.

    Sound like the Borders stores were alot better than the online service.

  2. madarameharunobu · August 1, 2011

    Yea, it was going to be the early birthday present to me from me type of deal. they can take their 15$ in border bucks and shove em up their (*&.

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