A Manga review for this Wen. evening.

Let’s talk about manga for a moment shall we? I have finally read and completed al 3 Volumes of Genkaku Picasso by Usamaru Furuya which has been published By the Shonen Jump Publication group. It’s about two unique people and how they helped each other move on in their lives. Meet Hikari Hamura AKA Picasso Hamura, Age: 17 outlooks on life?

Rather dark and moody, and for the most part in the beginning he was rather alone save for the one woman who be his love interest in his heart. Enter Ms. Chiaka Yamamoto also Age: 17 who has an interest or well she comes across the one that would influence his life path as they go on. The story is about what happens when an accident befalls both of them. Hikari-kun ends up with a strange ailment where on his right arm where his grandfather’s watch was is a strange rotting circular wound that spreads if he doesn’t help out his schoolmates and their issues within themselves.

He also acquired the strange ability to see within a person’s troubled heart and the emotion get transformed from the person to Hikari-kun who sketches out what’s in the person’s heart troubling them. Sometimes, his first assessment is not the correct one to begin with, which causes trouble for the both of them. This goes on through the story line and in the end, we find that Hikari-kun as dark and as brooding as he can be?

He does in fact have friends from different paths in life even if its just high school, who reach out to save him and to help him come to grips with the one problem he hasn’t faced yet and to face the one person he has yet to help and cure his rotting arm problem. To find out, make sure you get a chance to read this three volume manga set. It’s worth the money to collect up and the re-reading value is on a 4 out of 5 star rating from this blogger. It’s truly a bit tearful at the end….

WHAT!?? A guy can’t have bared soul moment while reading? Hrmph Thespians….;) But seriously people, I recommend you ask your local library to pick up a set for the manga section of your library. Reading is Knowledge and Knowledge is power! How else will you rule the world if you don’t expand your educational horizons? Stay sharp stay healthy….

Monday again….

Well it’s Monday and I survived age 45. Not too much to talk about though. Went to my mother-in-law’s house had very nice dinner and we watched “Mars needs moms” with the kids. Had some cake and went home. I did however get some $ to get myself some new levis and I think I “might” have some left over to purchase the ping back sensor I need for the Omnibot, but that’s about all I can get for it at the moment.

Still have the PC on ksl and craigslist, and I’m prepping items for eBay as well. Maybe if I sell those I might be able to have enough to gather the cash to buy the ez-builder module needed and a few sensors I might need for the 2-d mapping. Anyone wanting to donate *Open hands of allstate* (j/king). I might even have to sell off parts of the comic collection to gather the extra funds as well, as possibility. I don’t know any more just got a few mixed feelings on a quite # of issues and people.

An observatory that’s bigger on the inside

An observatory that’s bigger on the inside.  Seems like The Good Dr. has taken up gardening and well as searching the stars these days rather than transversing them. I have to admit This Tardis is quite well crafted. I’d love to do something like that for one of my girls who’s into star gazing and how knows maybe I might once I get caught up with things.

But love the functionality of The Tardis, if being retired it ben retired in a proper way! 😉

Cool things in Robotics and arduino! PLUS Daicon III is 30 Yrs old this year!

I was recently checking out some more of the Omnibot projects there were out there & came across a Robotics Hobby Master the Bot Master, who admins botbuilder.co.uk & I emailed him requesting a possible guide on the project he did with his Omnibot. Here on this link you’ll get a feeling on how he built his using Arduino as the control module for it.

Now he used the arduino as the controller but he an add-in from here to control the motors, & used this ping back sensor to avoid collisions. He did a great review/write up on this project hold the same concept. Once I get the necessary parts he & DJ Sures will be able to lend me some advice & help. Here take a look at his & DJ Sures projects involving The Tomy Omnibot, l I think you’ll find them as enjoyable as I am. The one that especially creative was the one that was repainted and converted into a pc, with a mouse cradle for the right arm, which I though was a nice touch.

In anime related news, it had occurred to me & I kick myself for it because its been 30 Yrs since it was made & shown at a Particular Tokyo convention mainly the Nihon SF Taikai Cons Daicon III (1981) & IV (1983)Directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga Music by Koichi Sugiyama, Yuji Ohno Kitarō, Electric Light Orchestra –ELO (Twilight which is also used in the TV series Densha Otoku ).

Distributed by DAICON Film Release date(s) 1981 (III) 1983 (IV) Running time approx -5½ mins for III & – 6 mins (IV) creation point was Japan Language English & Japanese So for Hiroyuki Yamaga and Crew and the cutie that is the Daicon Bunny-Chan We say Happy 30th Anniversary and we love you and the work you brought to us which still goes strong to this day and is loved by otakus around the globe!

Tuesday Morning.

Hello all, just popping in for a sec, some new cool stuff on the new firmware for the ez-builder module from DJ Sures. This will be in regards to ver. 11 to ver. 12 which addresses the color and motion tracking for the Wi-Fi webcam and some other cool features using the Omnibot project as the prime example.

I’m still working on a way to address the software and apply it to a Virtual Construct so that one could assemble their code then execute said code within the virtual lab and see the code interacting with the construct. Being a complete and utter n00b at this doesn’t help either but it’s one the better ways to learn. Plus I’m pretty sure; I’d be able to get a lending hand or two from the robotics group I hang out with online nowadays.

Some of you on steam have been inviting me to groups and such, please stop. I don’t do many steam groups I’m rather particular in the groups I choose. That’s not to be mean, it’s more to the fact I like to work with a group that I’m going to learn from and in turn they can learn from me as well. I belong to a select set of groups now because I joined way in the beginning of these groups, and I’ve established a good rapport with them and will leave it at that. You may also notice you’re not on my list anymore, again not to mean, but some of you I think just added to be added, I haven’t even talked with some of you for over 2 yrs, some not at all, so please don’t take offense to it. I’m just trying to keep things fresh on my end list and friend wise.

Had a chance to reconnect with the place that started me on the net to begin with. A place dubbed “Anime Muck” was there from 95 to 2002, afterwards we parted ways after a disagreement btw characters. I think the time away was good, people I didn’t get along too well back then now get along swimmingly. I think that time away either bonds peeps a bit closer or wedges a gap further apart. Same goes with the old group at coolsurfin.com seems they want to gather peeps from the old forum, not sure if I’ll jump in at the moment as of yet did let two fellow peeps that freq’ed the site as I did that it’s there to hop on if they like. Other than that, nothing new on the robotics project yet, I haven’t even got the dremel kit yet, nor the extra servos I’d like for the Omnibot. If you have servos and you’re feeling charitable let me know, I’d be more than happy to put them to good use.

Hope your day’s going well.

Mood Swings……I hate Aug

End of the week Friday! Finally here and well welcomed, we get to pick up our twins from camp tomorrow morning from Girl Scout Camp. The place has been eerie and quite for the past week and I’m not sleeping well because of it, so I will be glad that they are back. Not because of the noise but more to the fact that they’re back home safe and sound.
Things are tight this month as well, for example, I’m not sending flowers to her work since our 16th wedding anniversary is this Sunday because well they’re going to die anyway afterwards. We will however buy 1 item for the house as a gift from and to both of us instead. My Birthday, forget it! It’s not happening; the budget is too tight to celebrate so we’re bypassing it. I do hope to get the ez-builder module for my Omnibot project before Christmas maybe, but rather doubtful.

My mother in law’s which 7 days is after mine we can celebrate to a degree. We bought her gifts few months back when we found them, which was smart too. We’ll more or less cook out and BBQ at her place for her birthday and watch a few movies. The girls will be able to spend time with grandma and then home.
I did get into the Rusty Hearts closed Beta. All I can say to you is that it’s fun and quite enjoyable. I’m hoping to get into the “Blacklight” closed Beta next! That’s been built on the UDK Engine and from the media clip, it looks AWESOME! I’m hopeful in that I’ll get chosen for that Beta. Got to thank Ali-sama one my older online friends since I moved to Utah for the Humble Bumble #3 Games pack for my birthday those games are going to be fun.

Which brings up the issue of friends, I have to say I have more “online” friends than I do in real time, meaning that there are friends of mine I can call and chat with in the real time, but not face to face and hang real time if that makes sense? I honestly can say I have friends in California more than I do here in Utah. This is my daily routine, its home Dad, Husband Handyman Homework with the kids when needed, chauffer at other times. No HEY lets go have a LAN party, or BBQs or getting together for group movie night at one the theaters. No, its stay at home slowly killing myself in the front of the TV.

If you think I’m ranting by now yea, you pretty much hit it on the head, I’m now ranting at not having a social life. At least in California, I could call up Robert, or Mark or both and we could get the group together and RPG or go to the movies and hang and have fun. I bet even now we’d been able to do that but as families for the most part while we try to set up those still in the single scene. But no, I’m stuck in social hell and to be honest and brutal I hate it here, I want to be somewhere else current than “here”. Life sucks and I’ll bitch about it if I like.

My Monday

Hey, what’s up? So I’m my Facebook and I check out the robotics group I belong to, and I see this post about Roombas, so I think to myself “Hmmm I wonder if I can get one to work on w/o paying a cent?” I go to one the green sites I know of and post up “Anyone has a Roomba working or not, I’d like one.” Thinking I’m not going to get anyone that’s just willing to give one away. Guess what, I was wrong! This nice elderly has one she’s giving me one with the power pack and all. I’m pretty confident that I can repair this without going into any budget. I am hopeful on this.

Since the girls are at camp, that gives me and the wife a chance to get some of the rooms cleaned up a bit more, as well as getting the lace Drapes repaired and rehung after the bills are taken care of. We’re also Sunday will be our 16th year being married, which I know a few said it won’t have lasted 2 years, so “IN YOUR FACE!” (J/king). The only things I’d have changed would have been being able to have said with MSN and progress the way I was.

I pretty sure I’d had my own team by now and had my mscna paid for as well. But I wouldn’t change anything else, the house, the kids, none of it, I’m truly lucky in that regard. Still no word or nibbles on the server. I got the power pack for the iCybie so that’s going on eBay here next week so is the Akira collectible. I am hoping I’ll be able to sell enough to get one the module kits from ez-builder.com before my birthday this month. I’m however not holding my breath; I usually don’t get what I’d like when it comes to personal project wants.

Anyways, I’m back to work TTYL.