My Monday

Hey, what’s up? So I’m my Facebook and I check out the robotics group I belong to, and I see this post about Roombas, so I think to myself “Hmmm I wonder if I can get one to work on w/o paying a cent?” I go to one the green sites I know of and post up “Anyone has a Roomba working or not, I’d like one.” Thinking I’m not going to get anyone that’s just willing to give one away. Guess what, I was wrong! This nice elderly has one she’s giving me one with the power pack and all. I’m pretty confident that I can repair this without going into any budget. I am hopeful on this.

Since the girls are at camp, that gives me and the wife a chance to get some of the rooms cleaned up a bit more, as well as getting the lace Drapes repaired and rehung after the bills are taken care of. We’re also Sunday will be our 16th year being married, which I know a few said it won’t have lasted 2 years, so “IN YOUR FACE!” (J/king). The only things I’d have changed would have been being able to have said with MSN and progress the way I was.

I pretty sure I’d had my own team by now and had my mscna paid for as well. But I wouldn’t change anything else, the house, the kids, none of it, I’m truly lucky in that regard. Still no word or nibbles on the server. I got the power pack for the iCybie so that’s going on eBay here next week so is the Akira collectible. I am hoping I’ll be able to sell enough to get one the module kits from before my birthday this month. I’m however not holding my breath; I usually don’t get what I’d like when it comes to personal project wants.

Anyways, I’m back to work TTYL.